Prolapsed Penis


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What It Is

A prolapse, by definition, is a displacement of a part or organ of the body from its normal position, usually downward or outward, often resulting in it protruding from an orifice. In chinchillas, the 3 types of prolapses are penile (male only), anus and uterine (female only).

prolapsed penis with hair rings


The most common cause of a prolapsed penis is having a hair ring that hasn't been cleared off. This causes the blood to backup, enlarging the penis so it can't go back into the penile cone.


The most obvious is the penis will be hanging out. He may play with it more.

What To Do

First, you should thoroughly search for hair rings and remove each one as you come to it. Secondly use a water-based personal lubricant and see if you can get the penis to slide back into its protective cone. You may need to wait an hour or so and hope the swelling will go down. If this issue persists after clearing any hair rings and applying the lubricant, a vet visit wouldn't hurt in the least. There could be a different underlying cause that only a vet can help with!


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