Litter Box Training


The average chinchilla is fairly easy to train to pee in a litter box (poop unfortunately is continually being dropped so you are out of luck there)

What youll need:

♥ Glass or Metal Pan (an 8x8 baking dish works well)
♥ Aspen Shavings
♥ River rock or 3 (optional)

Place your pan in the place you notice them peeing the most. If you cant tell or there isnt one, best to place it in a corner. Fill to about 1/2 (13mm) from the top edge. If they dont just start using it, placing a river rock or 3 can encourage them to use the pan. They seem to like peeing on a rock. Holdover from their wild days probably! Ive seen kits as young as 1 week peeing on the rocks.


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